In Their Natural Habitat

by Spank

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The first EP of the New Zealand band Spank - singing songs about lifes foibles.


released October 17, 2014


all rights reserved



Spank Carterton, New Zealand

Brass-led Britpop-boogie from Wairarapa based 4-piece Spank.

This is no BDSM inspired combo but rather a post-punk/roots outfit that delves into Smiths influenced domestic blues and the collective ironies of modern life.

Spank are Nikki King, Sam King, Pete King and David Heath based in Wairarapa, New Zealand
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Track Name: Cheese
Oh yeah, remember the day very clear,
The pain inside me my dear, when they told me you should go.
I was so sad, the timing was very bad
What would I do, I was so in love with you.

Oh cheese, you topped everything
From spaghetti bolognese to jacket spuds
You had a special place in my toastie
But now I must be dairy free.

Oh cheese, will you forgive me please
If I pass you in the fridge with a tear in my eye.
And if you see me choosing something else
I don't live you any less, I just have to think of myself

Oh cheese, your variety thrills me
From stilton, edam, cottage and blue brie
And then of course, there's Kikorangi
What would I do without my blue


Oh cheese, without you food is so bland
I don't think that I can stand to be without your salty taste.
Oh cheese, you always went well with wine,
With fruit and grapes so devine and you stood proud on a stick.

Oh cheese, I'll really miss you
But I just can't live with all this pain.
Maybe one day we'll get over this
And we can be together once again.
Track Name: Unrequited
I spot you across a crowded room, the moment so sublime
I knew from that very first moment, I needed to make you mine
You looked so very inviting, eyes of bright blue fire
And building up inside of me was a river of desire.

I caught you looking over, your gaze locked into me
And there you held that moment for seconds 1, 2, 3
My heart it skipped its rhythm, my pulse it raced away
And now I'm left with these feelings, all night and through the day.

What can I do I can't get over it
I can't make my mouth profess the words, no
Never wanted anything more but I'm just not brave enough
How can I make you see.

And as you came to talk with me, I felt my temperature rise
Sending out all the signals and talking with your eyes.
I wanted to tell you everything I wanted to say the words
But I just let you walk away, I didn't have the nerve.

What can I do, I can't get over it
I can't make my mouth profess the words, no
Never wanted anything more but I'm just not brave enough
How can I make you see.

Mind and body please stop playing tricks on me
I need to get a grip to take control
The fear inside me grows and it takes over me.
How can I make you see.
How can I make you see.
How can I make you see.
Track Name: Deep Thought
Where does all my time go,
Moving fast then moving slow
I just smile and sit for a while

I lie and look at the sky
Millions of stars I wonder why
My mind starts to sting with the thoughts that they bring.

I don't know

Up above the white clouds dance
Watching their shapes I'm in a trance
Colours and glows shining red blue and gold

I don't know

And as my thoughts flow free,
I think of what might be
I sit here and wonder why
Being deep in thought
Dreams waiting to be caught
I daydream quite happily
Quite happily

I wake in the middle of a dream
Things not always as they seem
Dreaming or awake thats the chance that I take

Where does all my time go
Moving fast then moving slow
I just smile and sit for a while.

I don't know.
Track Name: Mr Big Man
All your big claims, hold on to the reigns
Coz your mouth is moving to fast
Always the best beating all of the rest but
You're never quite making the grade

You like to be needed, need to tell all these lies
You think we believe you, until one of us cries

Here we go again

World famous in our town and you hold all the crowns
In everything that we all do.
We can't compete, feeling we aren't complete
Oh nothing compares to you.

You claimed to join Mensa and have regional acclaim
With sports and your music oh but where is your fame.

Here we go again

You know it best leaving us no contest
not allowing a view au contraire
You act like a child oh you act all beguiled
When you're called to account for your feats

I can't bear to listen, no
To the shit that you spout
I just want to walk away yeah
Oh I just want to shout.

Here we go again.

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